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So you downloaded Bizarre and you're wondering what to do with it and how to use it. Well, that's why I made this little tutorial! Ok, the first couple things you need to know are,
1. Bizarre is a scripting language.
2. Bizarre is made by a teenager
These two points are somewhat irrelevant and obvious(at least the first one). I added the second one to encourage you, you can script at any age.

Getting Started

Ok, so you've downloaded a Bizarre binary, opened it up, and stared at the screen. It's command line. This may come as a shock but think of it this way: the command line is actually more powerful than you think. So you've downloaded it but where do you start? Here is a handy command list. It has all the commands what they do from the latest official source release(not via SVN) of Bizarre. So, let's get on with the simple tutorial. Remember, feel free to like copy and paste the command list to a file. You'll need it.